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The Old Gold Good Friends
Sankar Institute of Polytechnic
Sankar Polytechnic College
Sankar Nagar, Tirunelveli Dt.,
Tamil Nadu - INDIA.
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SIP Friends Welfare Trust

SIP Friends Welfare Trust
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'Nellai Meet'
On Every Last Sunday Of May
'Summer End'

'Chennai Meet'
On Every First Sunday Of August
'Friendship Day'

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On Every 3rd Saturday, 'Tech Share' at 08:00 PM, in ZOOM

  • Mr Veeramani (D.E.E. - 1964)
  • Mr Venkatesh (D.M.E. - 1968)
  • Mr Thanasekar (D.M.E. - 1979)
  • Mr Abu Meeran (D.M.E. - 1987)
  • Mr Subramanian (D.E.C.E. - 1989)
  • Mr Venkatraman (D.E.E.E. - 2004)
  • Mr Venkatesh (D.C.T. - 2006)
  • Mr Lakshmanan (D.M.E. - 1972)
  • Mr Yabase Inbaraj (D.M.E. - 2007)